A Word We Seem to Have Missed People today are beginning to rediscover the meaning of sustainability. It’s the ability to maintain something over the long haul. It’s asking if we have set ourselves up in the right position to go the distance. American consumption and debt is not sustainable. It might have worked for … Continue reading Sustainability


I’ve never witnessed or been a part of a stampede.  Every once in a while we read a story in the news of a large crowd of people at an event in which people are injured as a result of a stampede.  I’ve seen video of a herd of cattle or buffalo suddenly becoming spooked … Continue reading Stampede!

Going Fobbless

Recently I had a malfunction in my car that caused the keyless entry to stop working. It wasn't a problem with the little remote fob I carry on the key ring; it was a problem in the car itself. As it turns out, this would be a rather expensive repair to make, so I decided … Continue reading Going Fobbless

The Prayer for Healing…

Recently at Horizon, I preached a message from James 5:13-20 as part of the Margins message series.  The theme of the passage is obviously about prayer, and we connected that theme to the rest of our Margins messages.  But several people have been puzzled by a particular section—James 5:15—in which James talks about prayer for … Continue reading The Prayer for Healing…

What If

It’s a good time for America to pause and reflect for just a bit.  You see, this country is at a point where we have successfully eliminated yet another person on our national list of those we hate and fear the most.  Our military strength drove back Hitler to a point where he took his … Continue reading What If