Making Room

Recently I received an invitation to attend Pastor's Chapel at one of the local Christian schools.  There are students from my church there, and I very much appreciate the chance to go visit the schools.  My problem with this one had to do with timing.  Or so I thought. For pastors, the two absolute busiest … Continue reading Making Room

Cyber Dissociative Identity Disorder

It seems that from the very beginning, Facebook has endured criticism of privacy security.  Perhaps some paranoid, perhaps some legitimate concern, people want to know if their information is safe.  But this concern for online privacy has two distinct directions. The first is this.  Just about everybody wants assurance that certain personal information is safely … Continue reading Cyber Dissociative Identity Disorder

What If

It’s a good time for America to pause and reflect for just a bit.  You see, this country is at a point where we have successfully eliminated yet another person on our national list of those we hate and fear the most.  Our military strength drove back Hitler to a point where he took his … Continue reading What If