Spiritual Clutter

I used to have pets.  So, every once in a while I would venture out to the pet supply store for something.  I remember being astounded and somewhat cynical whenever I would walk into a giant pet supply store.  I couldn’t believe all the stuff.  Aisle after aisle of products that people could buy for … Continue reading Spiritual Clutter


[The following is the text from the Denver Christian School graduation commencement address, given May 26, 2017] I'm told there is a formula that I’m supposed to follow for graduation speeches. I know because I looked it up. I am supposed to tell you that now that you’ve completed this graduation milestone, all your dreams … Continue reading Shalom

The Hummer Effect

From the cellar: originally posted April 21, 2011...Came to mind because it happened to me again in the grocery store parking lot this week. People say I’m pretty easy-going; not much bugs me.  But here is something that I find slightly annoying—maybe because it happened to me twice this week.  I think there should be … Continue reading The Hummer Effect


Today the white House put out a PR campaign aimed at avoiding the fiscal cliff by encouraging Americans to post on Twitter what $2000 means to them.  The premise of this initiative is based on the sound byte info graphic proclaiming that the average middle class American will pay $2200 more each year if the … Continue reading My2K

Another Slice of Humble Pie

Like many of us, I often don’t realize my own deficiencies and shortcomings until I get smacked square in the face with it.  I recently got served up another giant portion of humble pie that reminds me I talk about grace…but often fail to live it. Since losing all my home equity and then some … Continue reading Another Slice of Humble Pie