Revising Advent

During advent this year, my church is working through a series on the idea of revision.  Maybe this is also a good time to pause for a moment and look ahead at what this revision means. Revision There were a few times in my life as a student when a professor would send one of my … Continue reading Revising Advent

Peeking Around the Corner

Last month, the council of Horizon took a weekend retreat to pull back and spend some time contemplating and discussing where we see Horizon in the U-Turn Church process.  It has been a year now since the council adopted the U-Turn Church as a model for Horizon’s renewal.  Our evaluation of the process made a … Continue reading Peeking Around the Corner

Setting the Pace for a Marathon

Marathon runners aren’t born, they’re made.  That is to say, anyone who wants to run a marathon needs to train their body to build endurance for such a long race.  The apostle Paul compares the life of discipleship to a marathon.  And like a marathon, a life of discipleship takes training as well. Running Too … Continue reading Setting the Pace for a Marathon

How to Resource a U-Turn

Chapter seven of the U-Turn Church says that “there are Pew-Sitters and Heavy Hitters in the kingdom of God.  A U-Turn church will call people to…take up the basin and towel and wash feet just as Jesus called us to do.”  Here at Horizon we recognize that following the call of Jesus to make new … Continue reading How to Resource a U-Turn

How the U-Turn Is Guided by God’s Mission

Chapter three of the U-Turn Church says that “every congregation that wants to make a world-impacting U-Turn needs to put their vision into words that their church members understand.”  Here at Horizon we express the mission of God’s church in four simple ideas: See Jesus, Know Jesus, Serve Jesus, Share Jesus. Play Ball! Sometimes it … Continue reading How the U-Turn Is Guided by God’s Mission