Spiritual Clutter

I used to have pets.  So, every once in a while I would venture out to the pet supply store for something.  I remember being astounded and somewhat cynical whenever I would walk into a giant pet supply store.  I couldn’t believe all the stuff.  Aisle after aisle of products that people could buy for … Continue reading Spiritual Clutter

From Surviving to Thriving

Recently one of my vehicles wouldn’t start and needed a jump from another vehicle.  That was fine for the first time.  But then it happened again, and then again.  Realizing that the battery was pretty much dead, I borrowed a charger and plugged in the battery overnight for a full charge.  The next morning it … Continue reading From Surviving to Thriving

Fresh Eyes

Recently at my church I have had the opportunity to do something that I have never done in the five years that I have been there. Over the summer had surgery to remove cancer, which left me out of commission for quite a while. But as I am beginning to regain strength following my surgery, … Continue reading Fresh Eyes

Seven Qualities of A Good Dad

This week the Denver Post published an article titled, “The Dad Handbook” with snapshot quotes from several fathers in the Denver metro area. The article makes the claim that these dads are “seasoned experts giving their best advice” to other dads. Find the article here: http://www.denverpost.com/Lifestyle/ci_25944380/Denverarea-dads-share-advice-good-times. I have every reason to think that the fathers … Continue reading Seven Qualities of A Good Dad

The Hummer Effect

From the cellar: originally posted April 21, 2011...Came to mind because it happened to me again in the grocery store parking lot this week. People say I’m pretty easy-going; not much bugs me.  But here is something that I find slightly annoying—maybe because it happened to me twice this week.  I think there should be … Continue reading The Hummer Effect