Making Room

Recently I received an invitation to attend Pastor’s Chapel at one of the local Christian schools.  There are students from my church there, and I very much appreciate the chance to go visit the schools.  My problem with this one had to do with timing.  Or so I thought.

For pastors, the two absolute busiest weeks of the entire year are the final week of advent leading to Christmas, and Holy week leading to Easter.  This school put Pastor’s Chapel right in the middle of Holy week.  Do they not realize the crazy schedule that is going on for pastors and churches this week?  There are extra messages to prepare.  Extra music to put in place.  Extra stage settings to switch around.  Extra liturgy participants to coordinate.  Extra guests and visitors expected to attend.  The Easter weekend is a production well above the average Sunday.  I love visiting the schools and seeing the students.  But why this week?  In my frantic rush to get everything accomplished, I say a prayer that might go something like this:

God, I am way too busy working on all these adult-pastory things to be bothered with children right now.

I suppose God’s answer to that prayer is the divine equivalent of a face-palm.  Maybe this Christian school administrator knows what he’s doing after all when making the chapel schedule.  (He goes to my church too.)  Maybe it’s no mistake that Pastor’s Chapel falls on this week.  Maybe the absolute best thing I can do in the middle of a crazy-busy week leading up to Easter is to take a morning to set everything else aside and go worship with a school gymnasium full of children.  Thanks for setting me straight about the things that matter most.

till next time…
~ pastor tom