Spiritual Clutter

I used to have pets.  So, every once in a while I would venture out to the pet supply store for something.  I remember being astounded and somewhat cynical whenever I would walk into a giant pet supply store.  I couldn’t believe all the stuff.  Aisle after aisle of products that people could buy for their animals.  Who actually buys this stuff?  Who spends thousands of dollars on different toys and outfits and treats?  I am pretty sure that my cats’ favorite plaything was a paper bag.  And they wanted nothing to do with any special blankets or cushions.  They just wanted to lay wherever the sun was coming in the window.  It could have been on a pile of thumbtacks; if the sun was there, they would lay on it.  There was no need to spend crazy amounts of money and fill my house with all this useless clutter for my pets.  They didn’t need it.  In fact, they didn’t want it.  They kept it simple.

For those of us who have been Christians for while, we tend to focus on certain habits or rituals in the Christian life that help to feed our souls and grow our faith in healthy and vibrant ways.  Since we desire a growing relationship with God, there may be countless things that we have tried in order to feed our faith.  We have stacks of unread devotionals.  We have tried different Bible-reading plans.  We have been in and out of different study groups.  We have filled our lives with all kinds of spiritual clutter.  We have all kinds of busy activities that we think will feed our lives of discipleship.

I don’t credit my cats for being too bright.  But maybe this one time they taught me something valuable.  They didn’t fall for gimmicks.  They wanted nothing to do with clutter.  They would just see where the sun was shining, and go there.  Simple.  In all our pursuits of holiness and godliness, maybe all this spiritual clutter is getting in the way.  Maybe all we need to do is look to see where God’s Son is shining, and go there.  Simple.

till next time…
~pastor tom