my2K-hashtag-620x350_620x350Today the white House put out a PR campaign aimed at avoiding the fiscal cliff by encouraging Americans to post on Twitter what $2000 means to them.  The premise of this initiative is based on the sound byte info graphic proclaiming that the average middle class American will pay $2200 more each year if the current middle class tax cuts are not renewed.

And so, all day long 140 character testimonies have been showing up on Twitter under the hashtag #My2K.  The list—of course—is filled with extreme rhetoric on either side; it wouldn’t be politics if it wasn’t.  But what fascinates me are the responses that try to legitimately answer the question with more-than-obvious entitlement blindness.  There are tweets declaring that $2000 is the difference between “choosing between meds & food” or “healthcare & rent.”  Others tweet that $2000 is the difference to pay for “daycare costs” or “gas for work” or “prescription medication.”

Alright.  Reality check time.  If you can tweet stuff like that, then that’s not where your extra $2000 is going.  If you can tweet anything at all, it probably means that you have a computer with an Internet connection, or a smartphone with a data plan.  If push-comes-to-shove and you NEEEEEEED that extra $2000 to pay for food, or medication, or daycare, or gas, maybe giving up the smartphone should cross your mind as an unnecessary expense.  I’m guessing a few other things might show up on that list as well—things like the daily latte or regular mani/pedi or gym membership.  If you live in the part of culture that tweets, then I know this is part of your world too.

So, lets call a spade a spade.  It’s time to be honest.  The extra $2000 I get from extending the middle class tax cuts pays for coffee and Netflix and iTunes and football tickets and throw rugs and movies and delis and plane tickets and cruises and flat screen TVs and really swanky orange basketball shoes.

Hmmm, now it just sounds like I’m a spoiled brat who doesn’t realize how good I actually have it.  Bingo.