Apologetics with Fries and a Soft Drink

eat-more-chickenI love it when people come up with ways to make life easier: escalators instead of stairs, microwave popcorn, drive up ATMs, universal remote controls.  I mean, how did people ever survive back in the days when they had to actually walk up stairs, put popcorn kernels into a pan on the stove, get out of the car and walk into the bank to get money, and stand up from the sofa to change the channel on the TV.  Truly, the goal for all of us as Americans is to find ways to get around having to do stuff the hard way.

Church has been no exception in this continual effort to make the easy life more accessible.  Come to the service time that best fits your busy lifestyle—or catch our podcast and you don’t have to show up at all.  Give online by credit card.  Enjoy a cup of fresh Starbucks coffee on your way in the door.  We’ve never made it easier for you to be a Christian.

Now it seems we are adding apologetics to the list.  It used to be that defending the faith against heretical attack from the worldly culture meant critical thinking, reading & listening to all sides of the issues, and serious dialogue.  This week I was delighted to realize that all that hard work of defending the Christian faith in the arena of culture has been made so much more American.  As it turns out, all I have to do to demonstrate the resolve of my faith, support traditional family values, and endorse American freedom is order a fried chicken sandwich.  Who knew it was that easy?

Ross Douthat makes the argument in his book, Bad Religion, that we may be straying from the main tenants of historic faith.  I think he’s just jealous that we’ve found better ways of expressing faith—like eating fried chicken sandwiches and posting about it on Facebook.  I’m sure John Cooper would agree with me, this is a style of apologetics that can stand against any challenge to the faith.  So forget about the reading, and thinking, and dialogue.  Go order a fried chicken sandwich and let social media do the rest.

Till next time…

~pastor tom