A Word We Seem to Have Missed

People today are beginning to rediscover the meaning of sustainability. It’s the ability to maintain something over the long haul. It’s asking if we have set ourselves up in the right position to go the distance.

American consumption and debt is not sustainable. It might have worked for a little while, but sooner or later it will catch up. The fact is that many peopletoday have to face the reality that we have over extended ourselves.

Sometimes changing circumstances alter our sustainability. As I get older, my body cannot do everything it once could. Climbing a fourteener takes more work now that it used to. Many of us cannot sustain that physical workload our bodies once endured. But that doesn’t seem to stop us from trying.

Something for Us to Look at

Horizon is no different. There are people here with tons of great ideas and loads of enthusiasm to get things going. The question is, how do we implement these new ministry ideas in a way that will be sustainable? We do not want an endless series of fabulous one-time events that never get off the ground.

The answer takes a certain amount of “phasing in” with our ideas. You may look at the past several months at Horizon and notice that many new ministries have been piecing together. And for each one of these ministries, we have considered what it will take to keep things going after we begin.

And the reality of it is that we cannot start all the ideas that we have all at once. Somethings will have to work into the schedule further down the line because we simply cannot sustain too many things at once over the long term.

A Word Remebered

God has something to say about this too. He reminds Paul in 2 Corinthians 12 that his grace is sufficient; his power is made perfect in our weakness. Ultimately it is God who continually sustains us without ceasing.

The question of sustainability, then, is not really a question of how much you and I can sustain. It is a question of how much you and I are living in proximity to the one who sustains all things.

Till next time…

~pastor tom