Making Room

Recently I received an invitation to attend Pastor's Chapel at one of the local Christian schools.  There are students from my church there, and I very much appreciate the chance to go visit the schools.  My problem with this one had to do with timing.  Or so I thought. For pastors, the two absolute busiest … Continue reading Making Room

Spiritual Clutter

I used to have pets.  So, every once in a while I would venture out to the pet supply store for something.  I remember being astounded and somewhat cynical whenever I would walk into a giant pet supply store.  I couldn’t believe all the stuff.  Aisle after aisle of products that people could buy for … Continue reading Spiritual Clutter


[The following is the text from the Denver Christian School graduation commencement address, given May 26, 2017] I'm told there is a formula that I’m supposed to follow for graduation speeches. I know because I looked it up. I am supposed to tell you that now that you’ve completed this graduation milestone, all your dreams … Continue reading Shalom

From Surviving to Thriving

Recently one of my vehicles wouldn’t start and needed a jump from another vehicle.  That was fine for the first time.  But then it happened again, and then again.  Realizing that the battery was pretty much dead, I borrowed a charger and plugged in the battery overnight for a full charge.  The next morning it … Continue reading From Surviving to Thriving

Revising Advent

During advent this year, my church is working through a series on the idea of revision.  Maybe this is also a good time to pause for a moment and look ahead at what this revision means. Revision There were a few times in my life as a student when a professor would send one of my … Continue reading Revising Advent